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Lucky Pusher is a vintage-style coin dozer arcade game. It’s totally free to play. Play this best coin pusher game today! Join millions of people playing Lucky Pusher, enjoying the original coin pusher experience!

1. Click on the screen to drop coins on the platform, and move back and forth to control where the coins fall.

2.If the coins fall into the yellow slot box, you can turn the slot to get extra coins, fruit rewards, wall and shake. The walls are used to prevent the coins from falling away. And if you turn to Shake, a large coin will fall and shake the whole platform.

3. Push the coin off the platform to save energy, and when it is full, it will also spin the slot and fix it to 777 to recreate a new coin tower!

4. You can choose another day in Daily and preview the Tower of Coins of that day. If you like, you can unlock and challenge the Tower of Coins for four days.

5. Each time you successfully challenged a tower, you will get a trophy. And you can also get a monthly trophy if you collect all the daily trophies for a month.

Download the game now and pass the time with fun and relaxation!